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  1. Make sure your pool is listed on the NSW Swimming Pool Register.
  2. Contact Be Pool Safe to arrange a time for a pool fence inspection.
  3. After your first inspection, if your pool barrier/fence is compliant you will be issued with a certificate of compliance. This certificate is current for three years.
  4. If your pool fence is non-compliant you will be issued with a report and a Non-compliance certificate identifying the issues that need to be rectified.
  5. Arrange a pool fence tradesperson to complete the necessary work to the pool barrier to make it compliant.
  6. You will have 6 weeks from your first inspection for the pool fence to be compliant. If the pool is not compliant a copy of the 22E notice must be sent to the local council.
  7. Your certifier and pool fence tradesperson need to work promptly with you to determine the correct and most cost efficient process to make your pool fence compliant.  
  8.  Once the pool fence non-compliances are rectified, a second inspection needs to be completed and a certificate of compliance can be issued .

Click here for more information: http://www.swimmingpoolregister.nsw.gov.au

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